Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Reviewed by Ryan Swift, aged 12.

This is a fiction story about a boy named Joe who has all the money he wants – billions of dollars of it. He can buy anything he wants, but what he really wants is a friend. After getting bullied at his school, he tells his dad he wants to change school to find a friend. But he decides that he wants to keep his wealth a secret. He befriends Bob but when Bob finds out that Joe is a billionaire, Joe doesn’t think he’ll ever make another friend again. The story follows what happens next. This is a great story. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations which helped me understand what some of the characters looked like, and I could comprehend what was happening. I found all of the characters very interesting, but my favourite was a shopkeeper called Raj because he was so cheerful all the time and kept Joe and Bob in high spirits. I really liked the meaning behind everything, for example, ideas like ‘money can’t buy friendship’. Overall, I loved this book. It was very moving and funny, and I think everyone from the age of 8 onwards would enjoy it.

Shamini Murugan