I Found You by Lisa Jewell

Reviewed by Caroline Hutton (Melbourne).

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, who, from what I have discovered, is a best-seller in the U.K.This is her tenth or eleventh novel and it appears to be her most successful and well reviewed. It is the story of a quirky woman leaving a slightly chaotic existence in a seaside town with her two kids and her encounter with a man on a beach who has apparently lost his memory. At the same time, we follow the story of a newly married woman whose husband simply fails to return home one night. I was gobsmacked at how compelling and addictive this book was. I was fascinated in the little character vignettes, in the suspense she created, in the not knowing and fear and concern she elicited in me as a reader. Having loved this book I am now having a Lisa Jewell binge fest (currently on my fifth book in the last two weeks) and have been pleasantly surprised to find them all pretty engaging. They are not highbrow literary classics but a damn good read. As a budding writer, I am curious about the art and craft involved in writing a book that hooks you in from the outset and pulls you through, eager to know the ending. Lisa Jewell is certainly the author to learn from! I recommend “I Found You” as a perfect relaxing novel for a holiday. (8/10)

Shamini Murugan