Magda Szubanski – Reckoning

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine (Peregian Beach)

It is rare for me to pick up an autobiography as I don’t always feel they flow like fiction novels and transport me to another place & time, however, I was drawn to Magda’s, Reckoning and I am happy to say I feel richer for having read it.
Magda Szubanski is an Australian television and film actress, comedian, writer & LGBTQ Activist. A beloved Aussie icon lays bare for all to see in this wonderfully written account of her life to date.
Commencing from her early childhood, immigrating from Britain with her family to Australia in the 60’s as a 5-year-old lass. It’s beautifully translated and you can imagine it vividly without having been there yourself.

Magda shares her trials and tribulations of growing up, her colourful Scottish and Polish family.
Raw human emotion is embedded in every chapter and the real sense of the woman behind the pages emerge. Clever, Witty, Full of Humour, Love, Joy, Exploration and Discovery, Pain and Trauma. It’s a rollercoaster of the human spirit, relatable and honest.
Engaging and entertaining, Magda depicts her early Fast Foward days on Australian Television from the 80’s. How Babe came into being and ultimately her iconic character Sharon from Kath & Kim. Coming out to the public, she described was not a decision she took lightly and this is reinforced in her book. This aspect of her story runs deep and is pivotal to today’s time, a poignant view that we desperately need more of.

Shamini Murugan