Mr Postmouse goes on Holiday by Marianne Dubuc, translated by Greet Pauwelijin,

Reviewed by Allison Paterson (

Mr Postmouse and his family are off on holiday. The post office is closed and the delivery cart is packed with everything the family needs. Hard-working Mr Postmouse takes some parcels to deliver because – a postman never really finishes his rounds! The family travel all over the world on an adventure that includes camping in the forest, relaxing by the beach, exploring a volcanic island (shh – it’s really a dragon’s den), an arctic igloo sleepover and much more. Each family member has a different experience and encounters a range of new characters – a sleepy dragon, Mr Polar Bear, a tea-drinking sloth and many more creatures that naturally occur in the locations which they visit. Like most grand adventurers, the Postmouse family return with a suitcase brimming with souvenirs. Mr Postmouse goes on Holiday is a charming tale for early childhood readers that is best shared one-on-one to appreciate the enticing detail within the illustrations. Visited locations are depicted in an engaging cross-section style across a double-page spread, providing a visual smorgasbord that invites investigation and sparks imagination. Suggestive of the familiar Peppa Pig adventures, Mr Postmouse goes on Holiday provides a delightful resource for introducing readers to the environments of the world and is brimming with appeal for children of the early childhood years.

Shamini Murugan