Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkaufs

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine (Peregian Beach)

The story is set in a North American town called Mathias, Amelia Winn a former nurse is our
protagonist. Her life is immediately turned upside down while attending to the needs of a patient by escorting them to their car.

An accident leaves Amelia profoundly deaf and requires the assistance of a service dog.
Two years pass and within that time she has not returned to work, her marriage breaks
down and she turns to alcohol which results in limited visitations with her step-daughter Nora. Amelia’s husband is a doctor and their time together post-accident is a strained and unhappy one.

She is however supported by her childhood best friend Jake Schroeder, a detective and her
loyal hearing dog Stitch. Life is beginning to get back on track for Amelia, she has a job interview for a clerical role in the local cancer medical centre. However, on the morning of the interview she encounters a body floating off the shores of Mathias’s, Five Mines River.

Amelia is then engulfed by the investigation that follows which threatens to destroy all the gains she has made. From start to finish I wasn’t able to put this down, it was electrifying and the momentum grew with each turning of the page. It was definitely a gripping read that was full of atmosphere that had me riveted throughout.

Shamini Murugan