A Girl Called Owl

by Amy Wilson

Reviews by Izzy, aged 15 and Leila, aged 14

IZZY: After Owl turns thirteen and winter begins, she was not expecting to not only discover frost patterns on her skin, but to also find her long-lost father, but she does! As Owl makes new friends, relives memories from her Mum and is astounded to uncover that her drawings talk, Owl slowly collects more secrets and her world begins to spin.

Amy Wilson has embraced the legends and myths of magic in this book and has united the worlds of fae and human, creating new characters, settings and plots to enhance the reader’s imagination. This is a fascinating story of a young girl’s journey to find and save her father, as well as herself. An easy-read for all young readers who enjoy fantasy. Rating: 3/5

LEILA: Owl has no clue as to who her father is, not even a name. So when frost patterns start to unfurl across her skin, she can’t help but think that it may be linked to him. As she tries to unravel the mystery, Owl’s life is becoming a mess. Not only is there a new boy at school who seems to be constantly staring at her, but Owl’s best friend is needing her support now more than ever. Add in her Mum’s annoying vagueness at any mention of Owl’s father and Owl’s life is feeling like a complete mess. Could Owl’s problems get any worse?

This book shows the chaos in nature, in the seasons and in the life of a girl who finds herself caught in the middle of it. Frosty, but warm-hearted, Owl’s journey is one to be enjoyed by anyone who loves the magic of Winter. My Rating: 3.5/5

Shamini Murugan