Children of Blood and Bone

By Tom Adeyemi

Reviewed by Izzy, aged 15

Astounding. Tomi Adeyemi has created a masterpiece!

Zélia is the daughter of one of the most powerful Maji Reapers. But Zélia’s mother died with the magic of the Maji 11 years ago. Now Zélia must fight to save magic before it’s too late. Alongside Zélia, fights her brother Tzain and the noble-blood Princess Amari, but many of the obstacles ahead are dangerous and  death-defying. Allies and strangers are called upon to help Zélia succeed in saving Orïsha and new lands are travelled, but will their efforts be in vain or with the end grant victory?

A heart-stopping novel filled with adventure, mystery, romance and magic. Tomi has lured the readers from the first page and by the end left them hungry for more. No detail spared nor opportunity to engross the readers put aside. All readers will marvel after having read this novel. Highly recommended for all readers.

Rating: 4.5/5

Shamini Murugan