The Secret Runners of New York

By Matthew Reilly

Reviewed by Izzy, aged 15

When Skye and her family move to New York, she doesn’t expect to find herself making friends with the queens of Monmouth, yet she does. And it’s not too soon after that she has also been invited to join the most exclusive gang in NY; The Secret Runners of New York. But until the pieces begin to fall into place and Skye learns that there are multiple missing persons linked to the school, does she start to question her friendships.

Yet another novel where Matthew Reilly’s readers are left utterly speechless. The descriptions in the novel are deep and well fitting, though it is his imagination and the novel’s plot that truly leave the readers in awe. With time travel, the relevant controversy of Rich vs Poor and some grand mystery and plot twists, The Secret Runners of New York is sure to be a best-seller. Matthew Reilly has reproduced and conjoined ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘The Maze Runner’ in this brilliant novel, The Secret Runners of New York. What a great success.

Rating: 4.5/5

Shamini Murugan