What I Like About Me

By Jenna Guillaume

Reviewed by Matisse, aged 12

This a fabulously detailed and empowering story of a plus-sized girl who struggles through living in the shadow of her sister and finding her true love over her summer holidays.

This story sends an empowering and inspirational message about body image and normalising plus size women. Around the world, thousands of women are objectified and judged for being plus size, and having a book which encourages young women to be confident with their body is stepping in the right direction towards an equal society.

The plots are intriguing and relatable for young girls who are struggling to find love over their summer holidays. When Maisie meets new friends and has difficulties keeping bonds with her old friends she is unsure of what to do. This is a perfect example of what many people, especially teenagers, face every day. This type of writing can create a relation between the reader and the book, which results in the reader becoming interested in the book and encouraged to read more.

The romantic spectrum of the book, whilst remaining prevalent, doesn’t overshadow the main events in a similar way that other books might. It is common for authors to be swept away making the book all romantic and all about love, but Jenna has maintained the perfect ratio of main plots to romance. In doing this, she has created a second theme for the book while also not veering too far away from the main events.

This book is a fascinating read which would be suitable for a myriad of avid young readers. I would recommend this book to children aged 13+, as there is the use of some coarse language.

My overall rating for this book is 4.5/5. I hope that you choose to read this book and share your thoughts as well.

Shamini Murugan