Hive: The Vault Book 1

By A.J. Betts

Reviewed by Izzy, aged 15

A.J. Betts has produced a masterpiece!

Hayley is young and naïve, suitable for someone whose life is controlled from birth to death. Knowing nothing but her world – the confinement of society’s walls; six hexagonal houses connected to a common room by corridors – Hayley tends to her bees and follows the rules while keeping secrets of her own. But when strange occurrences take place, and there are suddenly too many questions posed and left unanswered, Hayley begins to contemplate possibilities that threaten her position in her community.

Hive is the first novel in a two-book series about a society who live and only know what is in their world. With mysteries unravelling and old secrets coming to light, Hayley takes the reader on a journey to uncover what lies beneath the façade of the world she knows, whilst establishing that indeed, “God works in mysterious ways”, as reiterated throughout the novel by the elders.

Any readers who decide to embrace their interest in the novel’s visual appeal or storyline …. beware! You will be holding your breath the entire duration of the novel and be on tenterhooks to read the sequel, Rogue.

Highly recommended for readers aged 13+ who enjoy dystopian novels and science fiction. My rating: 4/5

Shamini Murugan