My Brother’s Name is Jessica

By John Boyne

Reviewed by Izzy, aged 15

My Brother’s Name is Jessica,is a marvellous story of a young boy’s struggles, as he tries to understand and cope with his older brother’s ‘coming out’.

Sam is practically invisible to his parents and idolises his older brother Jason, but when Jason shares a secret that threatens to tear their family apart, Sam must learn to accept the change, and his parents must progress from denial.

John Boyne has highlighted some of the key problems faced during the ‘coming out’ phase of a transgender teen and has successfully united fact with fiction, engaging the reader from the beginning. The author uses the style of diary/journal entries to share each character’s views and beliefs as the family members navigate their way through this emotionally-charged story.

My Brother’s Name is Jessica, is sure to win the hearts of all readers, as this highly-acclaimed author has yet again succeeded spreading his love of literature through inspiring stories.

Recommended for readers who enjoy realistic fiction. My rating: 3/5

Shamini Murugan