The Funny Kid series

By Matt Stanton

Reviewed by Pia Macdonald, aged 8.

I started reading this series when I was six years old. Both boys and girls will enjoy the series. You do not need to read the books in order. Because the books are all about a different subject (unlike Harry Potter).

I have read every book in the Matt Stanton Funny Kid series three times, I love them. My favourite is Funny Kid – prank wars.

Funny Kid – for President

Max is running for class President. However, Mr Armstrong is trying to stop him. Mr Armstrong does not like Max, because Max is not a sporty kid. Max and his circle of weird friends work together to stop Mr Armstrong.  Max’s arch nemesis – Abby Purcell even help’s Max. Do you think Max can stop Mr Armstrong, or will Mr Armstrong kick Max out for not being sporty?

Funny Kid – stand up

Max now is back to being enemies with Abby Purcell. He has entered the local talent contest. He is focused to win.  But Tumbles the clown is also trying to win the talent contest. On a side note Max’s grandpa has gone missing which is distracting everyone from the talent contest. Max is raging with rage.

Funny Kid – prank wars

Max and his circle of weird friends are off on a school camp. Max is focused on tyring to get to know Pip better and get even with her twin brother Tyson. The pranks are rolling thick and fast between Max and Tyson. Who will win the prank war? Beware of the Gunker Dragons are they lurking in the lake or in the shadows. Or are they just a myth?

Note -read chapter 7 – to really understand Abby Purcell, she shines in this chapter (added by the scribe aka Mum)

Funny Kid – get licked

It is time for Miss Sweet’s class fundraiser. The fundraiser is a class competition, who can raise the most money for endangered animals in a week. Max needs to win the competition because he just has to. That is Max for you. There are puppies, A-dog, P-dog, H-dog, T-dog and M dog, who have a staring role. Abby is focused on her vegetarian canteen and she is fighting Max the top spot. Abby is also in a war with old Doris (school tuckshop), healthy food versus unhealthy food. Max is light on details, substance and cash. However, he manages to rope Hugo and his Dad into his big pandemonium. Do you think Max will win the competition?

Note – read chapter 6, to understand Max and his negotiating skills with his parents we have all been there (added by the scribe, aka Mum)

Funny kid – slapstick

Miss Sweet’s punishment for Abby, Pip, Tyson, Hugo and Max, is hocky class. Apparently, they need to learn teamwork skills. Mr Armstrong is the coach. There is a match looming in the distance, and they are working to get match ready. Max is vying to be a sporting god. Mr Armstrong doesn’t quite see it that way. Do you think Max will become a hocky sporting god, or do you think he will get slammed by the Redhill Rhino’s?

Note – read chapter 6, it is so funny. It is a chapter for all the teachers out there or anyone who has ever tried to teach a kid to spell.(This has been added by the scribe, aka Mum).

Funny kid – kicks butt

Max wants the staring role in a movie being shot locally. Max ‘s plan is to be Captain Kick Butt, a superhero. However, the Captain Kick butt role has been filled by another kid. Much to Max’s distress. Meanwhile the jewellery store has been robbed. Max is torn between being a film star or an actual superhero and solving the jewellery store robbery.

Note read chapter 3, to appreciate how working with children can be challenging – Max is auditioning. This is funny. (This has been added by the scribe, aka Mum).

Funny Kid – peeking duck

Max and Abby are in a long-running war to decide who is the bravest kid. They set their sights on going to ‘Adventure Park’. However, Duck (yes a real duck), has other plans. Now they have to find Duck and determined who is the bravest. On the way they meet, Rhonda who works in the reject shop, a police officer and finally a motorbike gang. Do you think Max is going to ride the Tower of Dying Deathly Doom and find Duck? Well ,that question will be answered if you read the book. The tension between Max and Abby goes from boiling to lava.

Shamini Murugan